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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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1451Battle of St Albans: Lancastrians defeat the Yorkists
1621Miles Standish is appointed the first militia commander of Plymouth colony.
17721st partition of Poland, by Russia & Prussia, joined later by Austria
1854British recognize independence of Orange Free State
1864CSS H.L. Hunley sinks USS Housatonic, and herself: 1st submarine victory
1865Sherman captures Charleston, SC
1879Assassination attempt on Tsar Alexander in St Petersburg fails
1913The "Armory Art Show" opens at NY's 69th Armory
1915Edward Stone, 1st US combatant to die in WW I, is mortally wounded
1940British DD capture German prison ship Altmark in Norwegian waters
1942Dutch destroyer Van Ness is sunk by Japanese aircraft in Banka Strait
1943HMNZS Moa lands a reconnaissance team on Banika, Russell Islands
194355th Indian Bde unable to capture Japanese strongpoint in the Arakan
1944US forces land on Eniwetok Atoll, secured on Feb 22
1944Elms of TF 58 land on Eniwetok and Engebi.
1944Allies complete two day raid on Truk, sink 200,000 tons of shipping.
1945Heavy losses among US Navy frogmen clearing beach defenses of Iwo Jima
1947Voice of America begins broadcasting to USSR
1979China invades Vietnam
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Feb 18, 2018
1229Holy Roman Emperor Frederik II enters Jerusalem
1248Parma breaks a siege by Emperor Frederick II
1574Spanish-held Zeeland falls to Dutch rebels
1713French under Jacques Cassard land on Curacao
1846US Navy adopts "port" for left, in place of the traditional "larboard"
1857Insurrection of Chinese in Sarawak, Borneo
1861King Victor Emanuel II of Sardinia becomes King of Italy
1861Jefferson Davis is inaugurated CSA Prtesident, Montgomery, Alabama
1865Union troops occupy Ft Moultrie, Charleston
1865Union troops force Confederates to abandon Ft Anderson, NC
1899San Francisco named as Port of Embarkation for Army transports
1900Anglo-Boer War: Battle of Paardeberg
1915Germany proclaims a blockade of England
1932Japan declares Manchuria independent under Pu-Yi, "The Last Emperor"
1942Dutch ship Soerabaya & a sub destroyed by air attack at Soerabaya, Java.
1943Attu: U.S. ships shell Japanese positions for the first time.
1943"White Rose" resistance group is broken by the Gestapo in Munich
1943HMNS Moa lands a reconnaissance team on Pavuvu, Russell Islands
1943Allied intelligence concludes Japanese had evacuated the Russell islands.
1944Bismarcks: Allied destroyers shell Japanese bases at Rabaul and Kavieng.
1945Burma: British troops land behind Japanese lines in the Arakan
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1797French Republic annexes papal lands in France
1807British squadron under Adm Duckworth forces passage of Dardanelle
1814USS Constitution captures British brig Catherine
1859Dan Sickles, later Maj. Gen, U.S.V., acuitted of murdering Barton King
1861Tsar Alexander II abolishes serfdom.
1936Popular Front government installed in Spain
1942Vice-Adm Nagumo's fleet bombs Darwin, Australia
1942Japanese troops land on Timor
1942Japanese troops begin landing on Bali.
1942Japanese a/c raid Darwin, NW Australia, inflicting heavy casualties
1942FDR orders internment of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast
1942Battle of Lombok Str: ABDA squadron losses Dutch DD Piet Hein
1943Naval forces under MacArthur are designated the Seventh Fleet.
1944Fighting continues on Engebi and Eniwetok atoll, the Marshall Islands.
1945US Marines land on Iwo Jima