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Wednesday, December 01, 2021
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1501Lucrezia Borgia & Alfonso d'Este wed, and really do live happily ever after
1935Italian bombers destroy Swedish Red Cross unit in Ethiopia
1941Luzon: Philippine 91st Div collapses, unhinging the Bambam-Gapan line
1941Japanese troops occupy Kuantan, on the east coast of Malaya.
1943RN sends large squadron from Britain for the British Far Eastern Fleet.
1943Bougainville: Fijian troops reconnoiter behind Japanese lines.
1944U.S. Army aircraft attack Japanese shipping in the Manila Bay area.
1959USS George Washington commissioned, first ballistic missile sub
1972Pres Nixon halts bombing of North Vietnam & announces peace talks
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Dec 01, 2021
1145Pope Eugene III calls for a Second Crusade
1640Portugal regains independence after 60 years of Spanish rule
1742Tsarina Elisabeth orders expulsion of all Jews from Russia
1821Santo Domingo proclaims independence from Spain
1822Battle of Monrovia: Americo-Liberians defeat local tribes
1822Dom Pedro I crowned Emperor of Brazil
1842The Somers Mutiny: a midshipman and two sailors hanged
1896Armored cruiser Brooklyn commissioned
1917British capture Ramalah, Palestine
1918Serbian-Croatian-Slovene kingdom of Yugoslavia proclaimed in Belgrade
1933Rudolf Hess & Earnest Rohm become ministers in Hitler's government
1937Japan recognizes Franco's Nationalists as the government of Spain
1939SS-Fuhrer Himmler begins deportation of Polish Jews
1941Subs Argonaut & Trout take station off Midway, Triton & Tambor off Wake
1941Civil Air Patrol (CAP) organized
1942Gasoline rationing begins in the US
1942Papua: Australians capture Gona Village.
1942Papua: LtGen Eichelberger is put in command of the Buna-Gona operation
1943FDR, Churchill, & Stalin agree to Operation Overload
19435th Marine Div begins organizing at Camp Pendleton, California.
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1773Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge enlists in a militia light dragoon company
1777British Gen Howe plots attack on Washington's army for Dec 4
1800Hohenlinden: Moeau's French ambush the Austrians, crushing them.
1804Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of the French
1805Napoleon defeats Russians & Austrians at Austerlitz
1815Fourth Battle of the Isonzo ends (from Nov 10)
1848Franz Josef I becomes Emperor of Austria & King of Hungary
1852Second French Empire established, under (Louis) Napoleon III
1914Austrian army captures Belgrade, Serbia, after several tries
1941HMS Prince of Wales & Repulse ("Force Z") arrive at Singapore
1941Roosevelt asks Japan to clarify its intents with regard to Fr Indochina
1941Hawaii Recon aircraft ordered to search 400 miles, NW to S only.
1941First Air Fleet at 43 N, 158 30' E, c. 3,200 miles NW of Pearl Harbor
1941British declare a state of emergency in Malaya
1942Enrico Fermi achieves the first sustained nuclear chain reaction, in Chicago
1942Italian blockade runner Orseolo arrives at Kobe from Bordeaux.
1942Papua: Eichelberger relieves cdrs of 32nd Div and several subordinate units.
1942Papua: Japanese at Buna beat off another American attack.
1942Papua: Despite Allied air power, Japanese reinforcements land near Buna
1944Chaing Kai-shek again rejects proposals to arm Communist against Japan.
1971Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujeira, Sharjah, & Umm-ak-Qiwain form the United Arab Emirates