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Monday, November 30, 2020
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1382French defeat Flemings in the Battle of Westrozebeke
1760Rogers' Rangers capture Detroit from the French
1775Capt John Manley & schooner Lee takes Br Nancy, with munitions.
1812Napoleon's Grand Army crosses the Berezina River
1842The Somers Mutiny
1861Skirmish at Sedalia/Black Walnut Creek
1863Battle of Ft Sanders/Ft Loudon, Tn
1864Colorado militia kills 150 peaceful Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek
1864Battle of Spring Hill, Tn
1887US receives basing rights at Pearl Harbor
1890The first Army-Navy football game, at West Point; Navy 24, Army 0
1900Anglo-Boer War: Kitchener succeeds Roberts as C-in-C in South Africa
1932France and the USSR sign a non-aggression pact
1939USSR severs diplomatic relations with Finland
1941Navy beats Army, 14-6.
1942Coffee rationing begins in the US
1944Largest submarine kill: Archerfish sinks CV Shinano, c. 70,000 tons
1947UN votes to partition Palestine between Jews and Arabs
1949Nationalist Chinese retreat to Taiwan
1951Winston Churchill re-elected British premier
1951The first underground atomic explosion, Frenchman's Flat, Nevada
1952President-elect Eisenhower visits Korea to assess the war
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Nov 30, 2020
1700King Charles XII of Sweden defeats Russia at the Narva
1803Spain cedes claims to Louisiana Territory to France
1838Mexico declares war on France
1840Napoleon is entombed in the Invalides
1864Battle of Honey Hill, SC
1864Battle of Franklin, Tennessee
1938Germany bans Jews from practicing law
1938Fascist coup in Romania fails
1939USSR invades Finland
1942German raider Thor destroyed by fire while docked at Yokohama.
1942Tassafaronga: Japanese DDs best U.S. cruisers and DDs off Guadalcanal
1947Arabs attack Jewish settlements (See Nov 29th)
1949Chinese Communists captured Chungking
1958USS Dewey, the first guided missile destroyer, launched at Bath, Me
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82 -BC- Battle of the Porta Collina; Sulla captures Rome
1210King John of England begins imprisoning Jews
1765Stamp Act goes into effect in British colonies, which object
1784Maryland grants citizenship to Lafayette & his descendants
1806Fra Diavolo taken at Baronissi by French Col Sigisbert Hugo (Victor's father)
1835Texians begin siege of San Antonio (it falls Dec 4)
1860Neapolitan 3rd Div takes up defensive positions at Itri
1861Skirmish at Renick, Mo
1861George B McClellan named General-in-Chief of the United States Army
1869Red River Rebellion: Louis Riel seizes Fort Garry, Winnipeg
1904First Army War College Class convenes, including Capt. John J. Pershing.
1911First Air Raid: Italian Lt. Garetti bombs Tanguira Oasis, Libya
1914Paul von Hindenburg named commander-in-chief of the Eastern Front
1914Coronel: Von Spee's German cruisers annihilate Cradock's British ones
1916Ninth Battle of the Isonzo begins (to Nov 4)
1922Ottoman Empire abolished
1928Graf Zeppelin sets airship distance record, 6384 km
1932Wernher von Braun named head of German liquid-fuel rocket program
1933The German Army creates its first panzer unit,
1936Mussolini describes the Italo-German alliance as "The Axis"
1939First jet plane, a Heinkel He 178, demonstrated to German Air Ministry
1940The Netherlands: Nazis establish a 2400-0400 curfew
1940Fleetwood, Pa.: 1st US air raid shelter opens
1942Guadalcanal: Marines attack across the Matanikau River
1943USS Borie (DD-215) sinks off the Azores, having rammed & sunk U-405
1943U.S. carrier a/c and DD raid Japanese installations at Buin and Buka.
1943Bougainville: 3rd Marine Div lands at Cape Torokina, Empress Augusta Bay
1948Chinese People's Liberation Army captures Mukden, Manchuria
1950Puerto Rican nationalists try to kill President Truman at Blair House
1951Fist atomic explosion witnessed by troops, NM
1952First hydrogen device exploded at Eniwetok Atoll in Pacific
1954General Fulgencio Batista elected president of Cuba
1954Algeria begins rebellion against French rule
1955Time bomb aboard a United Airlines DC-6 kills 44 above Longmont, Colorado
1956Imre Nagy government of Hungary withdraws from the Warsaw Pact
1959Nationalist Patrice Lumumba arrested in Belgian Congo
1960Benelux Treaty goes into effect
1963Coup against the Ngo Dinhm Diem regime in South Vietnam
1966William Dana in X-15 reaches 93 km
1992Space Shuttle STS 52 (Columbia 13) lands