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Saturday, July 31, 2021
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634 Arabs defeat Byzantines at Agnadain, Palestine
1839Amistad "Mutiny": Slaves liberate themselves
1863Lincoln orders retaliation if Confederates kill black prisoners-of-war
1864Petersburg Campaign: Battle of the Crater
1864Battle of Chambersburg, PA
1866Race riot in New Orleans
1898US ships exchange fire with Spanish batteries at Manila
1900Anglo-Boer War: Surrender of Prinsloo to Hunter in Brandwater Basin
1909US Army accepts delivery of first military airplane
1913Conclusion of Second Balkan War
1916German saboteurs blow up a munitions stored at Black Tom Island, NJ
19181st Marine Aviation Force begins arriving at Brest, France
1941Japanese a/c "accidentally" bomb USS Tutuila (PR-4) at Chungking, China
1942VAdm Mikawa arrives at Rabaul to assume command of the Eighth Fleet.
1942Sub Grunion declared "over due," probably lost to hazards of the sea.
1942German SS kills 25,000 Jews in Minsk, Belorussia
1942German occupiers set curfew on Jews in the Netherlands
1942WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) created
1943U.S. DDs shell suspected Japanese positions on Kiska.
1943New Georgia: Heavy fighting continues.
19446th Inf Div lands on the Vogelkop, NW New Guinea, and offshore islands.
1945British midget subs sink Japanese cruiser with mines in Singapore.
1966US airplanes bomb demilitarized zone in Vietnam
1971US Apollo 15 (Scott & Irwin) lands on Mare Imbrium on the Moon
1971Japanese Boeing 727 collides with an F-86 fighter, 162 die
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Jul 31, 2021
1498Christopher Columbus lands at Trinidad, on his third voyage
1667Peace of Breda: Second Anglo-Dutch War ends
1777The Marquis de Lafayette becomes a major-general in the Continental Army
1813British attack Plattsburgh, NY
1815Bey of Tunis agrees to compensate U.S. for seizure of ships
1830Charles X of France is forced to abdicate
1865East India Squadron established, origins of Asiatic Fleet
1874USS Intrepid, first U.S. warship equipped with torpedoes
1898US and Spanish troops skirmish outside Manila
1917Third battle of Ypres begins
1922Unsuccessful general strike in Italy against fascist violence
1925Last Allied occupation forces leave the Rhineland
1932German Election; Nazis get 37.3% of the vote
1942Japanese Buna-bound convoy is forced back to Rabaul by Allied air attack
1942Elements, British Far Eastern Fleet return to Colombo from East Africa.
1942Carrier Essex launched at Newport News, Va, the first of a class of 26
1942An additional company reinforces the Australians at Deniki.
1943Japanese 17th Div begins moving to Rabaul from central China.
1944British assist in forming an anti-Japanese Burmese government-in-exile.
1990Bosnia-Hercegovina declares independence from Yugoslavia
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1097Crusaders defeat Sultan Kilidj Arslan's Turks at Dorylaeum near Nicaea
1690The Boyne, Ireland: Protestants massacre Catholics (12th N.S.)
1690French defeat the Allies at Fleurus (near Waterloo);
1816French frigate Medusa wrecked, inspes G‚ricault's "The Raft of the Medusa
1823United Provinces of Central America gain independence from Mexico
1861Skirmish at Falling Waters/Martinsburg, Md: Union victory
1862Day 7 of the 7 Days: Malvern Hill/Harrison's Landing/Crew's Farm, Va.
1862Battle of Holly Spring, MS
1862US taxes incomes of $600 or more to help finance the Civil War
1863Day One of Gettysburg: Lee wins
1864Battle of Petersburg (to July 31)
1867The Dominion of Canada formed
1870James W Smith of SC becomes the first black man to enter West Point
1873Henry Flipper of Georgia is the second black man to enter West Point
1898US ships exchange fire with Spanish batteries, Havana
1898Skirmish at Aguadores, Cuba
1898Battles of El Caney and San Juan Hill, outside Santiago, Cuba
1903Geronimo is baptized into the Methodist Church
1913Second Balkan War: Serbia & Greece declare war on Bulgaria
1916Battle of the Somme begins
1942German troops capture Sebastopol
1943Marine 4th Raider Bn captures Viru Harbor on New Georgia.
1943Japanese DD Hokaze damaged by US sub Thresher in the Southwest Pacific.
1944Adm Nagumo, Victor of Pearl Harbor, commits suicide on Saipan.
1945Australians land at Balikpapan, Borneo, against stiff resistance.
1946US drops atom bomb on Bikini Atoll, the 4th atomic explosion
1950First US ground troops arrive in Korea
1960USSR shoots down US RB-47 exploration plane
1961British troops land in Kuwait to prevent an Iraqi invasion
1962Belgian "Trust Territories" of Burundi and Rwanda became independent
1969Prince Charles invested as the Prince of Wales