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Friday, September 17, 2021
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1714Elisabeth Farnese marries Philip V of Spain, to found three dynasties
1795British capture Capetown from the Dutch
1810Grito de Delores: Fr. Hidalgo proclaims Mexican independence
1812Great Fire of Moscow frustrates Napoleon's attempt to hold the city
1830Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., writes "Old Ironsides"
1831Auber's "Fra Diavolo" has its American premiere, Philadelphia
1854Cdr David G. Farragut opens 1st Navy Yard on the Pacific, at Mare I.
1861Battle of Princeton, WV
1864Battle of Coggin's Point, VA
1917Navy Department authorizes 16 naval air stations to be built abroad
1919American Legion incorporated by an act of Congress
1922Last Greek troops evacuate Asia as Turks advance
1940Dutch SS is formed
1941Jews of Vilna, Poland, confined to Ghetto
1941Shah Riza of Iran abdicates in favor of his son, Mohammad Reza
1942Aussies hold Imita Ridge, NG, high tide point of the Japanese offensive
19423rd Marine Div is activated at San Diego.
1943US Fifth and British Eighth Armies unite in Italy
1943Australian troops capture Lae, in northeastern New Guinea.
1944548th Night Fighter Squadron arrives in the Marianas
1950Viet Minh begin offensive against French bases in Vietnam
1955Coup ousts Juan Peron as President of Argentina
1957Premier Songgram deposed by a coup in Thailand
1958Sub Grayback fires first Regulus II cruise missile, carrying mail
1974Pres Ford announces conditional amnesty for Vietnam War deserters
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Sep 17, 2021
1394Jews are expelled from France by order of King Charles VI
1631Battle of Breitenfeld: King Gustavus Adolphus defeats General Tilly
1745Edinburgh occupied by Jacobites under the Young Pretender
1859Norton I proclaims himself Emperor of America, in San Francisco
1861Skirmish at Morristown, Mo
1861Combat at Blue Mills, Mo
1862Battle of Mumfordville, KY: US Col John Wilder surrenders
1862Battle of Cumberland Gap, TN
1862Battle of Antietam: Bloodiest day of Civil War, over 3,000 die
1895Second Class Battleship Maine commissioned
1901Anglo-Boer War: Botha cuts up Gough's force at Blood River Poort
1916Seventh Battle of the Isonzo ends (from Sep 4)
1939Soviet Union invades Poland
1939German U-boat sinks British aircraft carrier Courageous
1943B-24s bomb Tarawa, Gilbert I, from Canton and Funafuti.
1943Load of "ammunition in transit" explodes at Norfolk Naval Air Station
1944Operation Market Garden: Allied Airborne invasion of the Netherlands
1944Elms 81st Div land on Anguar, near Peleliu.
1944Dutch begin railroad strike against German occupiers
1944USAAF abandons airbase at Kweilin, China, as the Japanese close in.
1947James Forrestal sworn in as first Secretary of Defense
1949North Atlantic Council meets for the first time
1978Begin, Sadat, & Carter sign Camp David Accords
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1739Treaty of Belgrade: Austria cedes Belgrade to Turks
1755Ft Ticonderoga, NY opens
1778US concludes its first treat with an Indian nation, the Delaware
1806Fra Diavolo defeated by the French near Itri, Naples
1851The New-York Times begins publication
1860Sardinians defeat Papal Army at Castefidardo
1861Skirmish at Barboursville, Wva
1864Battle of Martinsburg WV
1914South African troops land in German South West Africa
1914Battle of Aisne ends; Germans hold off the French, trench warfare begins
1918Battle of Megiddo (Palestine) begins
1931Japan takes Manchuria, renames it Manchukuo
1934USSR admitted to League of Nations
1940Italians troops capture Sidi Barrani
1942British troops land at Tamatave, on the east coast of Madagascar.
1943B-24s bomb Tarawa, in the Gilbert Islands.
1982Christian militia kills 600 Palestinians in Lebanon, the Jews are blamed
1988Coup in Haiti
1991Space shuttle STS 48 (Discovery 14) lands
1992Space Shuttle STS 47 (Endeavor 2) lands