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Friday, August 14, 2020
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29 -BC- The first day of Octavian's Triumph, for the conquest of Illyria
1415English under King Henry V land at the mouth of the Seine River
1521Cortez captures Tenochtitlan from the Aztecs
1648French withdraw troops supporting Masaniello's Rebellion from Naples
1777Americans exploded a mine near a British vessel off New London
1799English fleet under Lord Seymour captures Suriname
1846Cdr Robert Stockton leads an Army-Navy-Marine party to seize Los Angeles
1864Battles of Deep Bottom/Strawberry Plains/Fussell's Mill, Va
1870Armed tug Palos is the first U.S.N. ship to transit the new Suez Canal
1898Armistice ends the Spanish-American War (noon, EST)
1898Battle of Manila: US troops occupy the city against light resistance
1898US troops ambush Spanish at Las Marias, P.R. - c. 100 casualties to none
1906Brownsville: Black soldiers stage mutinous protest
1923National Congress elects Mustafa Kemal Pasha president of Turkey
1937Japanese attack Shanghai
1941Red army evacuates Smolensk
1942New Guinea: Japanese seize the pass over the Owen Stanley Mts
1943Red Army recaptures Demiansk
1943Recon parties determine there are few Japanese on Vella Lavella.
1943From Australia, US B-24s bomb the oil fields at Balikpapan, in Borneo.
1944Fourteenth Air Force reconnoiters Manila from Chinese bases
1945Okinawa: APA LaGrange becomes the last US ship hit in WW II, by kamikaze
1945Air raids on Tokyo.
1953Gen Omar Bradley becomes Chairman of the JCS
1961Communists begin construction of the Berlin Wall
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Aug 14, 2020
29 -BC- The second day of Octavian's Triumph, for the victory at Actium
410 Visigotic King Alaric I "sacks" Rome
1281"The Divine Wind" sinks Mongol fleet off Japan
1385Battle at Albarotta: Portugal defeats Castille
1678Battle of Mons: French repulse William of Orange
1756French capture Fort Oswego, NY
1811Paraguay declares independence from Spain
1813HMS Pelican captures USS Argus
1813British warship Pelican attacks & captures USS Argus
1824Lafayette begins a tour of the US
1842Second Florida War ends; some Seminoles removed to Oklahoma
1882Queen Victoria recieves Zulu chief Cetewayo
1886Naval Gun Factory established at the Washington Navy Yard
1900Anglo-Boer War: Ian Hamilton fails to prevent De Wet's escape
1912US Marines occupy Nicaragua
1915German u-boat sinks British transport Royal Edward, 1,000 die
1917China declares war on Germany & Austria
1931Air Corps fails to sink target ship Mt. Shasta, Coast Guard helps out.
1942Lt Ezra Shahan's P-38 gets a Condor off Iceland: 1st US ETO air victory:
1942Japanese land 3000 construction troops near Gona, in New Guinea.
1943Quadrant Conference, Qubec: FDR, Churchill agree to "Operation Overlord"
1944Russian offensive on the Vistula
1945V-J Day; Japan surrenders
1945Tokyo: Imperial Guard attempts coup, is put down with bloodshed.
1949Military coup under colonel Sami Hinnawi in Syria
1969"The Troubles": British troops intervenes militarily in Northern Ireland
1973US bombs Cambodia
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29 -BC- The third day of Octavian's Triumph, for the conquest of Egypt
1057Scots King Macbeth defeated by Macduff
1760The Katzbach: Frederick defeats 60,000 Austrians with only 30,000 troops
1845U.S. Naval Academy is established at Ft Severn, Annapolis, Md
1863Submarine CSS Hunley arrives in Charleston by rail
1864Off New England, CSS Tallahassee captures 6 U.S. schooners
1895Second Class battleship Texas commissioned
1941Kovono Lithuanian Jews are herded into Slobodka ghetto
1942U.S. transports land supplies at Guadalcanal
1942I-6, last Japanese submarine in the Aleutians, is withdrawn.
1943Kiska: U.S. and Canadian troops land with heavy naval and air support
1943Elms 25th Inf Div land on Vella Lavella, opposed on by Japanese a/c.
1944Operation Anvil-Dragoon: Allied troops land in Provence)
1945US wartime rationing of gasoline & fuel oil ends
1945South Korea liberated from Japanese rule
1945Japanese a/c raid TF 38, 12 hours after Hirohito's surrender order.
1945Hirohito's surrender message is broadcast.
1973Black September kills 3, wounds 55, in a bombing in Athens