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Friday, January 15, 2021
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1784Revolutionary War ends; Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris
1799King of Naples flees to Sicily before invading French armies
1807HMS Ajax (74) burns off the Dardanelles, 250 of 681 crewmembers die
1813US Frigate Chesapeake captures British brig Hero
1814The King of Denmark cedes Norway to the King of Sweden
1815HMSs Endymion, Tenedos, and Pomone capture USS President
1847Conspiracy in New Mexico against US Control
1861Ft Pickens captured by Florida state troops
1863US Navy GO No 4, The Emancipation Proclamation is announced to the fleet
1864Battle of Cosby Creek, TN
1867Alfred Nobel makes the first public demonstration of dynamite
1942Borneo: Japanese troops land at Balikpapan
1942Malaya: Japanese capture Malacca.
1942Bataan: Heavy fighting
1942Arcadia Conference ends.
1943Casablanca Conference: FDR, Churchill, & Chiang in ten days of meetings
1943Guadalcanal: "Tokyo Express" lands reinforcements and supplies
1945Burma: Japanese counterattack British on the Irawaddy River.
1967NY Times reports Army is conducting secret germ warfare experiments
1969Disastrous fire on USS Enterprise, off Vietnam, 28 killed, 344 injured
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Jan 15, 2021
1495French besiege Gaeta (to Feb 16), held for Ferrante II of Naples
1535Henry VIII becomes head of the Church in England, to marry Anne Boylen
1582Russia cedes Livonia & Estonia to Poland
1680French explorer Sieur de la Salle builds Ft Crevecoeur
1799Two French soldiers slain by guerrillas near Itri, Naples.
1865Ft Fisher, NC falls to Union troops
1941Adm Husband Kimmel writes "Surprise raid on Pearl Harbor . . . possible."
1942Bataan: Japanese troops penetrate US/Philippine defenses.
1942Japanese Southern Army invades Burma from Thailand.
1942Malaya: Japanese "end run" landings dislocate the British left.
1942Chinese halt a Japanese offensive near Changsha in Hunan Province.
1943The Pentagon is completed
1943Guadalcanal: US forces make only limited gains.
1943Japanese superbattleship Musashi arrives at Truk.
1943Papua: Allied forces make limited gains near Sanananda
1944European Advisory Commission decides to divide Germany
1944New Guinea: Australians reach north coast of Huon Peninsula, near Sio.
1945Red Army liberates the Krakow-Plaszow concentration camp
1945Japanese offensive in China advances on the U.S. airbase in Sichuan.
1949Mao's Red army conquers Tien-tsin
1962New Guinea: Dutch & Indonesian naval battle, Etna Bay
1973Pres Nixon suspends all US offensive action over North Vietnam
1997Dr Jerry Lineger, Capt, USN, joins MIR via Space Shuttle Atlantis
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1495French under Charles VIII invest Gaeta (falls Feb 16).
1500Cesare Borgia captures Forli and the Lady Caterina Sforza
1547Ivan IV the Terrible crowned first tsar of Russia
1556Charles V abdicates the throne of Spain (having already quit as HRE)
1776Continental Congress approves enlistment of free blacks
1777Vermont declares independence from NY
1799French and Polish troops sack Itri, slaying scores
1863Cruise of CSS Florida (ends Aug 23)
1864Battle of Dandridge, Tn.
1865Aftermath of Ft Fisher, Ft Caswell is abandoned & blown up
1941War Department forms Army Air Corps squadron for black cadets
1942Rio Conference: 21 American republics discuss hemispheric defense
1942Bataan: Heavy fighting
1942Malaya: British try to hold the Muar River against Japanese forces
1943Papua: U.S. and Australians mop up Japanese forces around Sanananda
1943Guadalcanal: 2nd Marine Div clears Japanese troops out of "the Ravine"
1944Gen Eisenhower takes command of Operation Overlord
1945US First and Third Armies meet at Houffalize, Belgium
1945TF 38 aircraft attack Japanese held Hong Kong.
1951Viet Minh offensive at Hanoi
19573 B-52s leave California on the first non-stop world flight
1963Khrushchev claims to have a 100-megaton nuclear bomb
1969Jan Palach immolates himself to protest Soviet invasion of Czech
1970Col Kadhaffi becomes premier of Libya
1979Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi of Iran flees Iran for Egypt
2001Theodore Roosevelt awarded a Medal of Honor for San Juan Heights in 1898
2001Andrew J. Smith, 55th Mass, awarded a Medal of Honor, for Nov 30, 1864.