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Monday, October 22, 2018
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1096Sultan Kilidj Arslan of Nicea defeats the First Crusaders
1639Battle of the Dunes: Dutch Tromp defeats Spanish fleet under Oquendo
1797USS Constitution -- Old Ironsides -- is launched in Boston
1805Trafalgar: Nelson's Last and Greatest Victory
1861Skirmishing ends, vicinity Frederickstown/Ironton, Mo (began 17th)
1861Ball's Bluff/Harrison's Landing/Leesburg, Va: Confederate Victory
1864Battle of Westport, Mo
1899Anglo-Boer War: Battle of Elandslaagte
1914Battle of Warsaw ends
1934Red Chinese "Long March" begins (ends Oct 19, 1935)
1937Spanish Nationalists capture Gijon
1941Germans massacre 7,000 people in "reprisals" at Kragujevac, Yugoslavia
1950Chinese forces occupy Tibet
1960HMS Dreadnought, the first British nuclear submarine, is launched
1967Thousands opposing Vietnam War try to storm Pentagon
1971Nobel prize for literature awarded to KGB agent Pablo Neruda
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Oct 22, 2018
1202Walter of Brienne beats Dietpoldo di Acerro to becomes Lord of Puglia
1734Duke Charles of Bourbon-Parma captures Capua from the Austrians
1764Bakshar: English defeat the Moguls
1797Andre-Jacques Garnerin parachutes from a balloon at 3,000 feet
1836Sam Houston inaugurated as 1st elected President of the Republic of Texas
1846Lavinia Watson becomes the first woman sponsor of a US ship, Germantown
1861Skirmish at Hodgeville, Ky
1861Combat at Buffalo Mills, Mo
1875Sons of American Revolution organized
1899Anglo-Boer War: Battle of Rietfontein
1899Anglo-Boer War: British troops begin retreat from Dundee
1904Russian fleet shoots up British fishing trawlers in the North Sea
1928China expels all Soviet instructors and advisors
1937History's most useless couple, the Windsors, visit Hitler in Obersalzburg
1942Australians land on Goodenough Island, against c. 300 Japanese troops.
1943Archibald Wavell made Viceroy of India.
1944Japanese naval forces converge on Leyte.
1946Two British ships mined off Albania
1954West Germany joins North Atlantic Treaty Organization
1962JFK imposes naval blockade on Cuba, as Missile Crisis deepens
1979Deposed Shah of Iran arrives in NY for medical treatment
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4004-BC- Traditional date of the Creation, at 0900 Greenwich
1086Battle of Zalaka: Alfonso VI vs. the Almoravids
1642Edgehill, first battle of the English Civil War
1679Meal Tub Plot against James II of England
1775Continental Congress approves resolution barring blacks from army
1790Slave revolt in Haiti
1861Combat at West Liberty, Ky
1864Westport, Mo.: S.R. Curtis defeats Confederate Stirling Price
1942Edson's Ridge: Japanese assault against the Guadalcanal beachhead halted
1942British Eighth Army begins an offensive at El Alamein
1944Greatest naval battle in history begins: Leyte Gulf, for 3 days.
1956Hungarian Revolution begins (crushed by the Soviets by 4 November)
1957Vanguard satellite launch vehicle TV-3 test fired
1962USAF Major Robert A Rushworth takes X-15 to 40,800 meters
1983Suicide terrorist truck bomb kills 243 US personnel in Beirut
1989"Velvet Revolution" in Hungary ousts the Communists
1989US 62nd manned space mission STS 34 (Atlantis 5) returns from space