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Friday, August 17, 2018
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480 -BC- Leonidas with 300 Spartans and some allies reache Thermopylae
1777Americans defeat British in Battle of Bennington, Vt
1780British decisively defeat Americans in Battle of Camden, SC
1812Gen Hull surrenders Detroit & Michigan territory to England
1819"Peterloo Massacre" -- British troops fire on protesters, 11 die
1861Skirmish at Fredericktown & Kirkville, Mo.
1863Emancipation Proclamation signed
1864Battle of Front Royal, Va
1870Franco-Prussian War: Battle of Mars-la-Tour
1907Abd al-Hafid ousted as sultan of Morocco
1914Emiliano Zapata & Pancho Villa capture Mexico City
1916Sixth Battle of the Isonzo ends (from Aug 6)
1918US troops capture Archangelsk
1934US ends occupation of Haiti, begun in 1915
1942Japanese land reinforcements at Buna, in northwestern New Guinea.
1942Ichiki Detachment (c. 1000 infantry) sails from Truk for Guadalcanal.
1943US troops encounter stiff resistance on Baanga I., near New Georgia
1943On Vella Lavella the 25th Infantry Div encounters moderate resistance.
1943Having completed a refit, battleship Yamato arrives at Truk.
19434th Marine Div is activated at Camp Pendleton.
1945Soviet troops land on South Sakhalin.
1946Great Calcutta Muslim-Hindu riot, 3000-4000 die
1948Arabs blow up Latrun pumping station in Jerusalem
1990Iraq orders 4000 Britons & 2500 Americans in Kuwait to Iraq
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Aug 17, 2018
1787Hungary grants Jews permission to pray in groups
1795Slave revolt, Curacao
1808Napoleon seeks troops for Spain from brother King Louis of Holland
1812Frigate President captures British schooner L'Adeline in North Atlantic
1846US flag officer Robert F Stockton annexes California
1863Federal batteries & ships bombard Fort Sumter, Charleston
1915German troops overrun Kovno, Lithuiana
1916Bulgarian offensive in Macedonia
1917Soldier poets Siegfried Sassoon & Wilfred Owen meet in a military hospital
1918Turkish offensive in the Caucasus
1918British troops capture Baku, Azerbaijan
1940Greece mobilizes
1940FDR & Canadian PM William M King agree to joint defense commission
1942First independent US bombers raid in Europe, against Rouen
1942Marine 2nd Raider Bn raids Makin Island, Gilbert I. [ends 18th]
1942Ichiki Detachment lands on Guadalcanal, at Taivu and Kokumbona.
1943US troops under Gen Patton capture Messina
1943U.S./Aussie air raid Wewak, New Guinea, 100 Japanese a/c destroyed.
1943Japanese reinforcements land on Vella Lavella, DDs beat off U.S. DDs
1944Surviving Japanese complete withdrawal from India.
1944On Noemfoor, off New Guinea, US contact retiring Japanese.
1945Japanese cabinet formed by Pr Higashikuni, kinsman of the Emperor.
1945B-32 bombers attacked by Japanese a/c over Tokyo, without casualties.
1959Arleigh Burke is apponted to an unprecedented 3rd term as CNO
1960Francis Gary Powers' U-2 spy trial opens in Moscow, on his birthday
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480 -BC- Persian host arrives before Thermoplyae
1462Ferrante I of Naples crushes rebels and Angevin invaders at Troja
1838U.S. Exploring Expedition under Lt Charles Wilkes begins world cruise.
1846Gen Stephen Watts Kearney captures Santa Fe, NM
1864Petersburg Campaign: Battle of Weldon Railroad begins
1870Franco-Prussian War: Battle of Gravelotte St-Privat
1911Esther Voorhees Hasson is appointed the first Sup't, Navy Nurse Corps
1913Veterans of Foreign Wars organized
1914Pres Wilson issues Proclamation of Neutrality
1924France begins removing troops from the Rhur
1942Japanese troops land unnoticed at Basabura, New Guinea.
1943Baanga, US forces capture Japanese guns shelling Munda on New Georgia.
1943Nationalist Chinese claim the views are being ignored by Allies.
1944Sub Rasher sinks Japanese escort carrier Taiyo off Luzon
1945Soviet troops land in the Kuriles.
1945B-32s damaged by Japanese a/c over Tokyo, but down three attackers.
1947Naval torpedo & mine factory explosion at Cadiz, Spain, 300 die
1961Construction on Berlin Wall completed