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Sunday, July 12, 2020
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1191Crusaders take Acre, after a long siege
1302Battle of Courtrai: Flemish burgers defeat French knights
1740Jews are expelled from Belarus by Tsarina Anne
1786US bribes Morocco to quit attacking American ships
1792Prussian Army invades Revolutionary France
1798Congress reestablishes the Marine Corps, disbanded in 1784
1812US invades Canada near Detroit
1859Peace of Villafranca: Austria cedes northern Italy to Sardinia
1861Battle of Rich Mountain, VA: Gen Rosecrans forces rebels to surrender
1862Lincoln appoints Henry Halleck general-in-chief
1864Jubal's Raid: Battle of Fort Stevens, DC -- Lincoln under fire
1898Naval bombardment of Santiago defenses
1900Anglo-Boer War: Surrender of Scots Greys at Zilikat's Nek
1915Germany cruiser Konigsberg scuttled near Dar-es-Salam, Tangynika
1919Navy Pay Corps is renamed the Supply Corps
1934FDR is the first sitting president to transit the Panama Canal
1942Japanese GHQ acknowledges the results of the Battle of Midway
1943USN surface ships break German-Italian tank attack at Gela, Sicily
1943U.S. cruisers and destroyers shell Munda.
1955USAF Academy dedicated at Lowry AFB, Colo., with 300 cadets
19758,000 porcelain soldiers are unearthed in the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi
1977Martin Luther King, Jr., posthumously awarded the Medal of Freedom
1999Cols Bill Gross and Austin Bay survive Guatemalan 6.8 earthquake
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Jul 12, 2020
1109Crusaders capture Tripoli, Syria
1191Richard The Lionheart & the Crusades take Acre
1290Jews are expelled from England by order of King Edward I
1543England's King Henry VIII weds Catherine Parr, his sixth and last wife
1573Besieged by the Spanish since Dec 11, 1572, Haarlem, Netherlands, falls
1691Battle of Aughrim, England, William III defeats James II
1784Spanish-Neapolitan-Portuguese-Maltese fleet bombards Algiers (to 21st)
1794Siege of Calvi, Corsica: Lord Nelson loses his right eye
1806Napoleon establishes the Confederation of the Rhine
1812US forces led by Gen Hull invade Canada (War of 1812)
1836Charles H. Haswell, commissioned, first U.S. Navy Engineer Officer.
1861Combat of Beverly Ford, Va
1861Combat at Barboursville/Red House, WVa
1862Congress authorizes the Medal of Honor
1906Alfred Dreyfus finally cleared of all charges by the French Army
1916Arm Cr. North Carolina is the first American ship regularly operating aircraft
1921Congress creates the Bureau of Aeronautics
1941Luftwaffe bombs Moscow for the first time
1942U-Boat lands Four German saboteurs on Long Island, who are soon captured
1942New Guinea: Lead elmements Australian Maroubra Force reach Kokoda
1943Kolombangara: "Tokyo Express" tanlges with Allied ships, who lose, badly
1944Theresienstadt Cocentration Camp disbanded, with 4,000 people gased
1944Allied attempt to take Myitkina, Burma, foiled by "friendly" air attacks
1948Six RAF de Havilland Vampires become the first jets to fly the Atlantic
1982FEMA promises survivors of a nuclear war will get their mail
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1643Royalists defeat the Roundheads at Roundway Down
1863USS Wyoming defeats Japanese warlord's forces at Shimonoseki Straits
1863Battle of Tupelo/Harrisburg, Ms, begins (ends Jul 15)
1863Battle of Bayou La Fourche, La
1864Jubal Early retreats from Washington, towards the Shenandoah Valley
1864Ashville, Georgia, captured by Union cavalry
1878Congress of Berlin restructures the Balkans
1919Race riots in Longview & Gregg Counties, Texas
1942SS shoots 1,500 Jews in Josefov, Poland
1943Australian 3rd Div clears the Japanese from the Mubo, New Guinea.
1944Fighting continues on Noemfoor.