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Friday, February 28, 2020
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1526Saxony & Hesse form League of Gotha or League of Protestant Princes
1670Jews are expelled from Austria by order of Leopold I
1713French troops shell Willemstadt, Curacao
1859Dan Sickles kills Barton Key in front of the White House
1860Warsaw Massacre: Russian troops shoot hundreds of protesting Poles
1864Confederates open "Camp Sumter" for POWs, near Andersonville,
1865Civil War skirmish near Sturgeon, Missouri
1881First Boer War: Boers defeat British at battle of Majuba
1900Anglo-Boer War: General Cronje surrenders to English after Battle of Paardeberg
1906France & Britain agree to joint control of New Hebrides
1933Nazis torch Reichsstag Building, blame Communists, and demand more power
1939France recognizes Franco's regime in Spain
1942Japanese begin landings on Java
1942Java Sea: Allied sqn. defeated by superior Japanese force with great loss
19439th Aus Div arrives at Sydney from the Middle East, 23 days at sea.
1944Allied aircraft attack Japanese targets on Los Negros
1944Alamo Scouts land on Los Negros, the Admiralties, for reconnaissance
1991Operation Desert Storm: ground operations end, Iraqis ousted from Kuwait
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Feb 28, 2020
1704Deefield Massacre: Indians 40-50, kidnap 100 in Masschusetts
1708Slave revolt, Newtown, Long Island, NY, 11 die
1778Rhode Island General Assembly authorizes enlistment of black men
1799Jean-Etienne Championnet, commander of French troops in Naples, sacked
1836San Patricio: Mexicans defeat Texians in a surprise cavalry attack
1844USS Princeton: 14-inch gun "Peacemaker" explodes, SecNav, others, killed
1847Battle of Sacramento: US defeats Mexico
1864Kilpatrick's Raid on Richmond begins (to 10 March)
1900Anglo-Boer War: Buller relieves Ladysmith
1901Anglo-Boer War: Abortive Middleburg peace talks between Kitchener and Botha
1939Great Britain recognizes Franco-regime in Spain
1942Dutch East Indies: Japanese land on Java, last Allied bastion
1942Sunda Strait: USS Houston & HMAS Perth engaged by Japanese just before midnight.
1943Burma: Japanese operations against Kachin guerrillas.
19438 Japanese transports with c. 7000 troops sail from Rabaul for Lae
1944Alamo Scouts are withdrawn from Los Negros
1944Air attacks on Los Negros continue.
1944Mounted 2nd Cav Div (Colored) ships out for North Africa.
1945Philippines: U.S. forces land on Palawan.
1976Spain withdraws from Western Sahara
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1848Neufchatel secedes from Switzerland, but is quickly brought to heel
1856Crimean War: Hostilities cease
1936FDR signs the Second Neutrality Act
1944Admiralty Is.: U.S. troops land on Los Negros, to help encircle Rabaul.
1960JFK makes the "Missile Gap" a campaign issue
1988Operation Hooper: Second SADF attack on Tumpo, Angola