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Friday, May 29, 2020
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0 Feast of St. Bernard
1358Saint-Leu begins the "Jackquerie," a French peasant uprising
1731Papal States orders confiscation of all Hebrew books
1754George Washington defeats the French and Indians near Ft Duquesne
1774First Continental Congress convenes
1813US Frigate Essex and prize capture five British whalers in the Pacific
1830Congress authorizes Indian removal to the west from the Eastern states
1849Spanish troops land at Gaeta, to help overthrow the Roman Republic
1917Tenth Battle of the Isonzo ends (from May 12)
1926Portugal: Military coup by Gen Manuel Gomes da Costa
1937Neville Chamberlain becomes PM of Great Britain
1940King Leopold III surrenders Belgium to the Germans
1940Norway: Anglo-French forces capture Narvik
1945Okinawa: c. 100 kamikaze raid Allied fleet, one U.S. DD sunk
1971USSR Mars 3 launched, first spacecraft to make a soft landing on Mars
1980First 55 women graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy
1987German Mathias Rust, 19, lands a light rplane in Red Square
1991Ethiopian rebels seize Addis Ababa
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May 29, 2020
1176Battle of Legnano: Lombards defeat Frederick Barbarossa
1416Venetian fleet annihilates a larger Turkish one off Gallipoli
1453Byzantine Empire falls: Sultan Mehemet II captures Constantinople
1660The restoration: Charles II ascends the English throne
1781US frigate Alliance captures HMSs Atalanta and Trepassy off Nova Scotia
1848Tuscans & Neapolitans defeat Austrian at Curatone and Goito
1864Archduke Maximilian of Austria arrives in Mexico to become Emperor
1877HMS Shah captures the mutinous Peruvian ironclad Huascar; first use of torpedo in combat, a miss
1940Arthur Seyss-Inquart made Reichscommissar of The Hague, Netherlands
1943Meat and cheese rationing begun in the US
1943Attu: Japanese undertake a major "Banzai" attack
1944Biak: Japanese come off second best in tank clash with American troops.
1945Okinawa: US 1st Marine Division Captures Shuri Castle
1957Algerian Rebels kill 336 "collaborators"
1989Student protesters in China erect a replica of the Statue of Liberty
1993Neo-Nazis kill five Turkish women in Solingen, Germany
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0 Feast of St. Joan of Arc, Patron of Soldiers
0 Feast of St Ferdinand III of Castille, Patron of Engineers
1574Henry III follows his brother Charles IX as king of France
1814US gunboats capture 3 British ones on Lake Ontario
1814First Treaty of Paris, following Napoleon's first abdication
1822Denmark Vesey slave conspiracy betrayed, 37 blacks murdered
1848Battle of Goito: Austrians defeat Sardinians
1849Battle of Palestro: Austrians defeat Sardinians by the 31st
1849San Pancrazio: Garibaldi defeats the French near Rome
1861CS post office department set up, US PD ceases deliveries in the South
1862Battle of Front Royal, VA
1862Battle of Booneville MS: Gen Beauregard evacuates Corinth
1864Battle of Bethesda Church VA
1868First "Decoration Day" (Memorial Day) observance, Columbus, Ms
1901Memorial Day becomes a national observance
1913First Balkan War ends with the Treaty of London
1915Armenian Genocide: Turkish government orders deportation of Armenians
1916Jutland: The Grand Fleet sails, 37 dreadnoughts and over 100 other warships
1924Italian Socialist Matteotti murdered by Fascists
1942Diego Suarez: Japanese mini-sub torpedoes British BB Ramilles & tanker
1942First Allied air raid on Cologne
1943US troops complete recapture of Attu
1958Arlington: Unknowns of World War II and Korea are interred
1962USS Arizona memorial dedicated at Pearl Harbor
1966300 US airplanes bomb North Vietnam
1967State of Biafra secedes from Nigeria, initiating a bloody civil war
1972Three Japanese terrorists kill 24, wound 72 at Tel Aviv's Lod Airport
1982Spain becomes the 16th member of NATO